About us

Karatta Wines is a farm focused business in the Robe GI with an ongoing concern in agriculture and a strong association with the land.  We are community oriented, committed and honest with high expectations of ourselves and others.  We also love to have fun and believe in a good laugh to help make life enjoyable.


David and Peg Woods, Karatta Wines

Karatta Wines is located in the Robe region with an extensive portfolio of estate grown wines.  We are committed to the production of ready to drink and age-worthy wines that authentically reflect our maritime climate:  characterised by lithe, elegant reds and crisp, snappy whites which are typically less bombastic than wines from the warmer growing regions of SA.

Karatta has two vineyards, Tenison and 12 Mile.

Tenison Vineyard is located close to our original farm known as Frog Island. This farm has been in the family for over 20 years. Established in 1997, Tenison Vineyard is named after a family relative and local identity, Father Julian Tenison Woods. The vineyard is ideally situated on the east facing slopes of the Dairy Range.

12 Mile Vineyard was acquired in 2003 in association with the 12 Mile Winery. This vineyard is exactly 12 miles from Robe via the main road and is near the first camp used by the Chinese during the Great Trek from Robe to the Victorian gold fields near Ballarat.

Tenison Vineyard has the famous terra rossa soil over limestone whilst 12 Mile has more sandy loam over the eponymous limestone.  Being very close to the Great Southern Ocean, we benefit from a maritime climate, more expressly, the Bonney Upwelling, which brings cool winds from the ocean across our vineyards, slowing and lengthening ripening periods. This leads to greater balance between tannins and acids, creating grapes perfect for fine wine.